7 Insider Secrets For Creating Succe$$ful Soundbites in 2011

With the explosion in media in the last 5 years, it appears our attention spans are literally under attack and morphing daily. (So many ways to say, “Can you hear me NOW?”)

In 2011 and beyond, the average Joe and Jane can be seen festively chatting in soundbites over coffee. The end result is that sooner or later Joe and Jane – in an effort to communicate with you, are going to want a snippet or two from your side of the desk, fence or street.

I’m not talking specifically about doing media, or press here to sell a product, movie or a book. I’m talking about being prepared for the future by creating and having even more tools at your disposal to communicate with.

In this new age of 140-characters or less, these quick, concise “info-chats” are quickly sitting up-close and personal to the art of real-time conversation. Including your clients, boss, family members and even your best friends.

So, where do you begin, so you can seamless jump into the to the soundbite conversation without breaking a sweat, or breaking the rules?

Here are my “7 Insider Secrets For Creating Succe$$ful Soundbites!”

1 – (Gayl) MURPHY’S LAW defines a soundbite (or soundbyte) as “A brief and outstanding mini-version of who you are and what you’re selling …in 10 seconds or less.” 

2 – How do soundbites work? Think of yourself as movie you’ve just seen that you want to tell a friend to go see. You don’t want to give away the whole movie, but you do want to peak their interest just enough for them to want to go see it. So, you pull out all the good parts they might be familiar with and create a short and concise storyline, almost like a verbal movie trailer…8 to10 seconds tops! 

3 – To create a soundbites about who you are, what you do and what you’re selling – you want to start small. Don’t worry about your messages being too short you can always add more information on the back end. Practice with friends first. Also, try a dose of TV to really wrap your mind around it. 

 4 – I recommend you start watching the kinds of TV shows that would interview you, or someone in your industry. See how much information the expert, or entrepreneur that’s being interviewed, uses when describing they who they are, what they do, what problem they solve and they’re so hot right now. 

5 – Notice how the interview isn’t a conversation either. It’s throwing out a specific piece of information with each answer adding new parts, or angles to the story to build out the message making it “user-friendly”. Meaning, more people can relate to it.

6 – “Killer Soundbites” – the one’s that are still standing after you’ve already left the building, are both the “sizzle and the steak!” They’re full of color and detail. You want “paint a picture with your words and drop the other person in”. 

7 – You’ll want to create your own arsenal of interview tactics for your business in 2011 so that you’re ready at a moment’s notice. My book “Interview Tactics!” is the ultimate how-to guide to getting your message, product or service out there to an over-saturated media world – in a media friendly way! It’s also a must-have for anyone that’s even thinking about doing media – and an extremely valuable media tool for packaging your message in an effective streamlined and memorable way.

Gayl Murphy is The Celebritizer! A sought-after Hollywood Correspondent, Media and Presentational Coach, Speaker and Author of, “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide To Giving A Killer Interview!” As an on-air Correspondent Gayl’s has interviewed 15,000+ of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers in the world! She’s worked with BBC News, SKY News, E! Television, ABC News, The Reelz Channel, KLOS Radio, SW Networks, and has been quoted and written about in,,, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Independent, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register to name a few. Gayl “celebritizes” CEO’s, showbiz pros, authors, experts and entrepreneurs, giving them the same successful interview tactics and techniques that some of the biggest superstars in business and entertainment use to “celebritize” themselves and their brands, on TV, radio, print, online, face time and real time.

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