Carson Daly Looks To Chef Gordon Ramsey As His Role Model For “The Voice”.

Carson Daly discovered that finding his role model for “The Voice” was as easy as watching TV!

Carson Daly tells The Hollywood Reporter that when the offer came to host NBC’s new primetime show “The Voice” he knew he had to sharpen his media skill-set. Up his game. Hosting this show, even though it’s about music – something he knows a lot about – he knew he’d have to take a different approach than anything he’d done before.

He had to use a different part of himself that he hadn’t previously worked, so he could present a side of himself he hadn’t yet shown. He had to re-celebritize himself for the “The Voice”.

Celebritizing, or re-celebritizing yourself , your business and your career is about stepping out of the safety of your comfort zone and stepping into your “tell it to sell it” zone.

Working with my media clients has taught me there are several really successful ways to make this kind of transition. I think one of the most fun ways is by finding someone that’s already presenting themselves in a way that resonates as truthful, real and authentic to you and then borrowing those qualities – and what it is they do – and studying how they do it. And then making them their “secret role model and presentational mentor.” (And, you don’t even have to ask their permission.)

That’s what Daly did when he took Chef Gordon Ramsey on as his role model to successfully get into his hosting gig on “The Voice”.

Daly told the Hollywood Reporter when they asked if he had looked into a role model in prepping for the show, he said, “Gordon Ramsay is somebody I’ve watched a lot of in the last few years because my girlfriend is a die-hard a foodie” and a fan of Ramsey’s TV show “Hell’s Kitchen”. He said he was especially impressed by how Ramsay “worked with the camera and spoke from his heart.”

“What I like about him is his honesty, the way he carries himself on camera… what I enjoy when I watch him on TV, I realized that it’s his no B.S. approach.”

Was it easy for Daly to allow himself to be “mentored” in this way? Not. “I’m Irish, I was trained to worry.” But, he trusted the process and he did it!

As for “The Voice” and his job as it’s host? Daly admits he did what most good guys do, he listened to his mother. “My mom always said that it’s not just about the trip. It’s about planning the trip, being on the trip and remembering the trip. I really apply that to this. I don’t want to get caught in drinking The Voice Kool-Aid of ‘It’s a hit show, it’s going to be great, it’s going to be this, it’s going to be that.’”


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