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The Media Has Changed And Will Never Change Back!

A One on One Interview with Gayl Murphy, The Celebritizer…  “To be Celebritized is to be remembered, talked about and thought of as one of the best in your field.  As “The Celebritizer” I teach businesses how to “tell it to sell it” in the media, in person, or using any other technology that moves your message forward.” What is your book about? “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered; The Insider’s Guide…

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Training Event Announcements

Dear Current & Future Media Star, Are you pitching, or promoting a new company and wish to make the most out of the media and press coverage? Stay tuned to this section, as from time to time I conduct various seminars, workshops and training opportunities. If you would like to be notified about the next training event, contact me online, and I’ll add you to my special list to be notified when these events come up.…

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