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9 Killer Interview Tactics for Pitching YOU and Your Business!

Does this describe you? You’re an expert, author, speaker, CEO, showbiz pro, creative-entrepreneur, speaker – who charges a fee for providing a product, service, content or consultation in a particular industry or field? Someone with a good deal of firsthand knowledge, experience, training, or experience in a particular field or activity? If it is, then you need to get the word out! By using media, you get to tell the world who you are, what…

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What Other People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business

I hope I’m this rockin’ at 90! My friend Terry Rindal sent this to me. I love it and want you to see it. Typically, I use this space to share some the best and most successful interview tactics and media strategies I know – to give you a leg up, so you can survive the media without getting clobbered.  But, then this email arrived along with this message… “This is something we should all…

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Media/Press/Interview Gems From Drew Barrymore & Catherine Zeta-Jones

“People want to see you…so just be real.” Here are a few of the media gems and on-the-job insights Catherine Zeta-Jones and Drew Barrymore have shared with me in interviews over the years about how they’ve survived the media without getting clobbered. It’s so right on that I included them in my book “Interview Tactics!”  In this highly competitive media-morphing landscape, getting heard above the roar of the crowd can be daunting. But, I can tell…

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The 7 Media Secrets To Your Business Card Success

How to “tell it to sell it” in 3 1/2’’ x 2’’ As a media and presentational coach, I’m often hired to coach entertainment industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs on the art of successful networking. These are the same people who would rather be caught face down on the Red Carpet than have to network in a room full of corporate strangers. One such vital piece of networking equipment we always talk about is the tried…

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Hollywood’s Top Publicists Tell-It-Like-It-Is So Their Celebrity Clients Don’t!

   How any celebrity with a with half-baked idea can torch their careers!  Let’s be honest, how many among you were glued to your iphones, computers and TV’s when the news broke about Tiger Woods? Charlie Sheen? Lindsey Lohan? Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus? Mel Gibson? And oh so many others. Don’t be shy, we all were. I hate reading about celebrities who have single handedly set their careers on fire and then just stood there…

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“Surviving ‘Good Morning America’ Not in the Cards for Chris Brown”

Dear Chris Brown, What happened to you on Good Morning America? Your new CD dropped and you were promoting it for the first time on morning television – with your legal troubles now two years behind you. So tell me, what happened that you got detoured on the “road to telling your fans and the world” about it? Your people booked you on GMA not only talk about F.A.M. E., but also to perform the…

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