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Gayl Murphy is The Celebritizer! A sought-after Hollywood Correspondent, Media and Presentational Coach, Speaker and Author of, “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide To Giving A Killer Interview!” As an on-air Correspondent Gayl’s has interviewed 15,000+ of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers in the world! She’s worked with BBC News, SKY News, E! Television, ABC News, The Reelz Channel, KLOS Radio, SW Networks, and has been quoted and written about in,,, The Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Independent, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register to name a few. Gayl “celebritizes” CEO’s, showbiz pros, authors, experts and entrepreneurs, giving them the same successful interview tactics and techniques that some of the biggest superstars in business and entertainment use to “celebritize” themselves and their brands, on TV, radio, print, online, face time and real time.

The Media Has Changed And Will Never Change Back!

A One on One Interview with Gayl Murphy, The Celebritizer…  “To be Celebritized is to be remembered, talked about and thought of as one of the best in your field.  As “The Celebritizer” I teach businesses how to “tell it to sell it” in the media, in person, or using any other technology that moves your message forward.” What is your book about? “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered; The Insider’s Guide…

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16 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Reinvent Your Career

After years in the corporate world, “corporate guy” JP, like a lot of other refuges from “Planet Corporation” was looking for a way to reinvent himself, transition and jumpstart his career. JP posted this question on my on my LinkedIn group  “Successful Media Interviews”  “Hi there, after so many years in corporate world, How can I jump into the Media Industry and become a Web/TV/Radio host? What would you advise me? Warm regards, JP” Great…

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Training Event Announcements

Dear Current & Future Media Star, Are you pitching, or promoting a new company and wish to make the most out of the media and press coverage? Stay tuned to this section, as from time to time I conduct various seminars, workshops and training opportunities. If you would like to be notified about the next training event, contact me online, and I’ll add you to my special list to be notified when these events come up.…

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8 Pitching Tips To Help A Reporter Out

Recently I was asked about the best ways to pitch “Help A Reporter Out”, otherwise known as HARO. My first thought was, you’ve got to have a relevant and timely pitch BEFORE you can “wow” the media, or any gatekeeper, to get them fired up about who you are and what you’re selling These are my 8 killer Interview Tactics! for pitching the media, or any gate keeper, as you gear up to tell the world about…

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8-Killer Interview Tactics So You Can ‘Tell it to Sell It!’

Media is everywhere. TV, radio are print are no longer not the exclusive gatekeepers. That’s day is done.  The media is omnipresent and we are our own broadcasters and networks now. But, regardless of which medium you decide to broadcast your show on, you’re job – as the spokesperson for YOU never changes. You still have to set-up to the microphone and “tell it to sell it.” If you can’t tell it to one person,…

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Media Training Call For Entrepreneurs and Speakers, Tues. 6/24

  “Media Interview Tactics Marketing For Entrepreneurs and Speakers”  Join Cindy Ashton and myself, Tues., 6/25, 5p PDT/8p EDT for this high level media training call…no fluff, no pitches, pure training. PLUS, 15 minutes of Q&A so you can get your business questions answered This is a MEDIA TRAINING CALL, and you can participate from anywhere in the world!  Killer strategies to pitch the media and get free publicity! Are you pitching, or promoting a new…

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Lunch ‘N’ Learn: “Celebritize Your Message!” With Media Expert Gayl Murphy 6/25

  LET’S DO LUNCH ‘N’ LEARN: “Celebritize Your Message!” With Media Expert Gayl Murphy Celebritize Yourself and Your Business and Media Messages on Tuesday, June 25 at 11:30A with Gayl Murphy, “The Celebritizer!”   In today’s highly-competitive, 140 character, media-centric world, it’s imperative that who you are, and what you do gets heard by the right people.  At Learn ‘n’ Learn you’ll get valuable insider tips, tactics and techniques on how to pitch yourself and your…

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Courageous Conversations Around Money And Media

Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle Gurus, Speakers, Showbiz Pros, Coaches, Authors, Healers, Experts, Creatives, Intuitives and Small Business Owners! Are you ready to EXPLODE your business and career, get MEDIA and make more MONEY? But, you can’t get your money to agree? “Courageous Conversations Around Money and Media” Presenters: Media Expert Gayl Murphy / Abundance Advisor Wendy Yost Sat., June 16th at Aum and Garden, Sherman Oaks, CA from 1:00pm – 5:15pm+  It’s time to CELEBRITIZE your thinking around…

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